Mission Statement

The collective cultivates connection within the community by offering a platform for art, education, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Behind the Brand 

In May 2019, Local Light Arts Collective was started by Claire Pendergast and Lonica Clark over a shared passion to make meaningful contributions in our community and, of course, art. Claire Pendergast is a practicing lampworker, a subcategory of glass blowing that uses a torch bench, and Lonica Clark is a printmaker and carpenter. Bonding over the need for studio space outside the home, Clark and Pendergast figured they couldn’t be the only ones in the area that could use a space to apply themselves, nor could they be the only ones that wanted to connect over their crafts. 


Local Light hosted its first First Friday Art Reception in August. In December 2019, Clark resigned as co-manager and Pendergast stepped in as Director to continue the mission of the Collective. 

Meet the Director

Being born in New Orleans, Claire Pendergast has Louisiana roots and northeastern (U.S.) extensions, stemming from her time spent in Boston and North Carolina with family. The majority of her life has been spent here in St. Tammany parish between Slidell, Madisonville, and Mandeville where she currently resides. 


Claire's artistic journey began in early childhood, and in 2017 she began an apprenticeship under Nicko in Baton Rouge studying the art and science of lampworking - a modern form of glassblowing that uses borosilicate (pyrex) glass. Claire did 6 weeks of live glass blowing demonstrations for the 2019 Louisiana Renaissance Festival and is available for private parties or block party events. 


Finding simple pleasure in getting to know people on a deeper level, Claire received her Bachelors of Science in Psychology and minor in Philosophy from LSU. She assisted in research labs on recognition memory, industrial-organizational psychology, and motivation theory applied in the academic setting. Claire applied her talents and curiosities of administrative management towards two non-profits. At KLSU Radio, she worked her way from volunteer to Chief Announcer, attended C.B.I.’s conference, and connected with local businesses and artists to redistribute goods to financial donors. At The Red Shoes, she worked as Social Media Coordinator. Upon graduation, Pendergast traveled to different intentional communities, and returned to Mandeville with the passion to apply what she knows, and learn more about what she didn’t.




closed as of May 2020