“Off To Town”
Stretched Canvas Giclée
18” X 24 “
Artist – Rob Stephens



Artist Statement:
I have been painting and drawing big cities for a long time, and
often doodle them when I am not thinking of anything in
particular, or don’t know what to draw. It is just a natural and
comfortable subject for my hands to draw. I like the cartoonish
idea that big cities are uncharted territories, hopeful opportunities
teeming with adventure to be discovered. They were dangerous
and unpredictable. Like Godzilla I would always imagine
rampaging through the city and the incredible freedom that would
feel like. Being anonymous. Being a blank slate. This painting is
about that feeling of anticipation in approaching the city. Growing
up I moved around a lot. I gradually got used to the feeling of
living one life and starting another. I would let go of friends,
habits, settings almost every year or two. I sort of didn’t like it,
but at the same time I also liked the idea of starting again.

"Off to Town" by Rob Stephens




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