“There’s This Thing Called the Internet”
Stretched Canvas Giclée reproductions
Both Pieces are 12” X 12”

Artist – Rob Stephens

$65 for one $110 for pair

Artist Statement:
The idea of talking to someone you didn’t know , living in a far off
location was novel and a little scary, like playing with an ouiji board.
Throwing your comment out and wondering what would emerge
from the inky depths of the web. I had a vague feeling that everyone
I was talking to in the AOL chatrooms was most likely sexually
perverse, or seedy in some way. This was a source of excitement
and a little dread. It was thrilling. It seemed risky and clandestine . I
was venturing out into a tawdry world cloaked in the safety of
invisibility. Who was I talking to ? I would imagine a dangerous world
teeming with a wide variety of weirdos, in urban and rural
environments. I would find myself drawn to it the same way you
could be drawn to chanting bloody mary into a mirror at midnight.
Now a days people respond to social media comments immediately , not
giving a second thought about who or what is responding. I use google to
check facts in mid conversation, look up movie details, check my
spelling... but seldom wonder what sort of depraved freak is on the other
side correcting my spelling. The nervous precariousness about
listening to these distant voices has been numbed into being
mundane and every day. Like school shootings, or climate change
disasters, it unfortunately has become routine and part of the wall
paper of the world.

“There’s This Thing Called the Internet” by Rob Stephens




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