Scrap Metal 


“I pretty much came into the art world by the back door. I’ve never had formal training and don’t know any of the jargon and am not too interested in learning it. I simply love doing it and that is quite enough for me. I bought a welding machine 52 years ago and taught myself to weld. I still use that same machine to weld, it just won’t break!


One day I put a number of pieces of scrap metal form my “pile of scrap treasures” onto a large table and played with them for a while until I liked how they looked. I then welded them up and when I had finished I stood it up and looked at it--busted up laughing--and said “I like that”. 


I still do like it and will keep doing it until it stops being fun or I don’t like it anymore. Of course I hope that never happens.”

“You Naughty Girl You” by Bill Ayers




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