"You Naughty Girl, You" by Bill Ayers

Scrap Metal



Artist Statement: 

I pretty much came into the art world by the back door. I have never had any formal training and don't know any of the jargon used to describe it and am not too interested in learning it. I simply  love doing it and that is quite enough for me. I bought a welding machine 52 years ago and taught myself to weld. I still use that same machine to weld, it just won't break!                                             

A few years ago I had a friend who had a garden shop in Covington and she found out somehow that I could weld. She would give me pictures from Pinterest of "Yard Art" and ask me to make pieces for her like the pictures. I did that for a few years and enjoyed it but it got a little boring because it was basically copying. One day I put a number of pieces of scrap metal form my "pile of scrap treasures" onto a large table and played with them for a while until I liked how they looked. I then welded them up and when I had finished I stood it up and looked at it--busted up laughing--and said "I like that". I still do like it  and will keep doing it until it stops being fun or I don't like it anymore. Of course I hope that never happens.

"You Naughty Girl, You" by Bill Ayers Metal Sculpture




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